Digital Advertising in Taxis
Get you message to Taxiplon passengers, on the go!
A new medium, displaying advertising messages, is now available and helps you to reach a constantly renewed audience. Digital technology exclusively brought to you by Taxiplon. For the first time, a software solution implemented in taxis.
The Idea
Capitalize on a fleet of active drivers and gain exposure. Use a new channel of communication to reinforce sales.
The Medium
Targeted message displays through a 10” digital screen, placed in the headrest of the taxi seats.
The Target
Audience targeting based on geolocation, date and time but also according to additional parameters guaranteeing effective reach.
The Plan
Planning and refreshing of display schedule through state-of-the-art software, ensuring flexibility and real-time message updates.
The Impression
Advertising message displays within an environment of minimum attention disruption. Display activation only to selected audience. Complete and non-interrupted message display.
The Analytics
Regular reports on the number of viewers, the duration of engagement and other additional data that guarantee a reliable and valid audience analysis.
The Budget
Smart and effective spread of the advertising budget, making sure charges will only occur when a selected audience is identified and the message fully displayed.
Profit from the activity of a constantly moving fleet
daily passengers
250,000 klm
in rides
digital screens
24 hours
display per day
Target your advertising message to a constantly renewed audience.
Call us today on to schedule a detailed presentation.
Get to know a new dynamic advertising medium, discover new and alternative display options and adjust them to your brand’s special demands.

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