Day trip to Marathon


As we cover the 35 km from Athens to Marathon, we will go through cities in the northern suburbs such as Kifissia, Ekali and Agios Stefanos. Marathon is located at the foot of Mount Penteli. Our first stop will be the famous Marathon Lake, an artificial lake constructed in 1931 to meet the water supply needs of Athens. There you can have coffee or lunch at the beautiful local café, enjoying the view of the lake from above. When we reach the city of Marathon, we will visit the spot where the legendary Battle of Marathon took place in 490 BC. It is said that 9,000 Athenians confronted 500,000 Persians in that battle. Ultimately, the Persians lost the battle and retreated having lost 6,400 soldiers, while the Greeks suffered a loss of 192 warriors. In commemoration of these brave Greeks, the monument we know as the Marathon Tomb was built on the battlefield. In 1896, during the first modern Olympic Games, a new sport was created, the marathon race, to honour Pheidippides. The latter ran to Athens after the battle to announce the Athenian victory, shouting Nenikikamen (we have won) only to die after. We will then visit the Museum of Marathon, which must not be missed. The last stop before our return will be the Temple of Artemis, the goddess of hunting, in Vravrona and the wonderful temple museum.

Let us know the destinations of your preference, and we can customize this tour just for you.

Marathon Lake  |  Marathon Tomb  |  Temple of Artemis in Vravrona

Archeological Treasures Service |  114 Plataion str., Vranas, 33054 Marathon (Prefecture of Attica)

Phone: (+30) 22940 55 155

Full: €6  |  Reduced: €3

Valid for Marathon’s Archeological Museum and archeological sites (Athenian Tomb, Tsepi early Hellenic cemetery, Egyptian deities’ sanctuary in Brexiza).


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