Day trip to Mystras

Our journey will start from Athens and will continue through Corinth towards Tripoli where we will make our first stop. Moving on, the route is spectacular, as we will cross the famous mountain of Taygetos, a land full of myths and traditions. Passing through ravines, tunnels, caves and green forests, we will arrive in Sparta where we will admire the statue of Leonidas and have a relaxing walk in the city.

We will have the opportunity to visit the modern Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil in Sparta and maybe purchase some souvenirs.

Then, we will continue our journey to Mystras. The area of Mystras was a prosperous state during the Byzantine and Ottoman period and is still an intriguing place to visit.

It features the remains of impressive churches, the castle town and narrow streets. We will have the opportunity to stroll around the Acropolis of William, where once walked princesses and Byzantine emperors. You can also visit museums within the cluttered walls, full of elements of daily life and monasteries still functioning.

After the visit to Mystras and before we head back to Athens, you can enjoy a light lunch of Mediterranean traditional dishes at the local restaurants. 

Let us know the destinations of your preference, and we can customize this tour just for you.

The Castle |  The Cathedral of St. Demetrios |  Palaces of the Mystras Despots

Mystras (Prefecture of Lakonia)

Phone: (+30) 27310 83 377 & 27310 25 363

Full: €12  |  Reduced: €6


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