Port of Piraeus


The port of Piraeus is the largest port in Greece and one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean Sea. It is also a major employer in the area, with over 1,500 employees servicing more than 24,000 ships per year. The port of Piraeus has been the port of Attica since the Archaic period. It is the hub that connects Athens with the mainland. It serves almost 20 million passengers a year heading to the Aegean islands and to destinations abroad. For the best service of travelers, it is divided into gates, each of which is allocated the letter “E” and a number from 1 to 12.

The position of the gates and the respective destinations from Piraeus are listed below:

  • E1: For the Dodecanese (Vassiliadi Shore)
  • E2: For Crete, Chios, Mitilini, Ikaria, Samos (Ietiona Shore)
  • E3: For Crete, Kythira-entrance of vehicles (Kondyli Shore)
  • E4: Exit, Kythira-only exit for vehicles (Kondyli Shore)
  • E5: Entrance of pedestrians, point of departure of the Piraeus Port Authority buses (Kallimasioti Shore)
  • E6: For the Cyclades, Rethimno, aerial walkway, entrance of pedestrians (Poseidonos Shore)
  • E7: For the Cyclades, Rethimno (Poseidonos-Tzelepi Shore)
  • E8: For the Argosaronikos Islands (Poseidonos Shore)
  • E9: For Cyclades, Samos, Ikaria (Miaouli Shore)
  • E10: Cyclades, Samos, Ikaria-only exit for vehicles (Miaouli Shore)
  • E11: Passenger station for those travelling abroad A
  • E12: Passenger Station for those travelling abroad B
  • Gates E1 and E2 are remote from access points that can be reached on foot, so an internal bus is operated by the Piraeus Port Authority, which starts its route from gate E5 and ends at gate E1.


    Useful Information

    Piraeus Port Authority (OLP): (+30) 210 45 50 000 -100

    Piraeus Coast Guard: (+30) 210 45 11 311-17, (+30) 210 45 93 000

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